Business Travels

Marmara Babil offers the best choices and highest saving opportunities to its institutional customers with its advanced techonological solutions, enhanced structures for reporting and power of global sales.

Our Institutional Travel Policy is based on services for business travels with greatest savings in terms of flight tickets, hotel accommodation, visa tracking and vehicle rentals determined by your criteria.

As an IATA member, Marmara Babil is an authorised sales agency for local airlines such as Pegasus, Atlas Jet, Sun Express, Onur Air and BoraJet.

You can purchase services for institutional protocol deals with airlines, card miles managements, online check-ins, hotel reservations both in Turkey and in the world, vehicle rentals, and visa application processes via the sales advisors at our departments.

Marmara Babil, appoints an account executive for each company and it also gives FIT services for the hotels. Moreover, through GTA, the most comprehensive hotel reservation system, it gives an advanced reservation service.

FIT is founded within the Operation Department and works with the Ticketing Department in order to submit the following services:

  • Individual Hotel Reservation
  • Best price guarantee in Chain Hotels
  • Personal Tour Organization
  • Personal Exhibition Package
  • Local Transfer Services
  • Rental Vehicle Procuring
  • Registration Services for Congresses abroad
  • Emergency Services Line