Mice in Abroad

Discover the mysteries of the World with us

Maramara Babil, with its unique knowledge of destinations and its experience for organising large scale abroad events, offers their institutional customers the comfort and the service in the world, which they already deliver in Turkey.

Our experienced abroad project team, who organised several promotion travels, distributor travels, conference and meeting, will bring out the right solution for you.

To create a difference even in the places that have been visited before
To propose alternatives for those looking for extraordinary destinations,
To come up with programmes that make sure the guest feel good and safe,
To work with tour guides who are aware of the institutional customers’s expectations,
To make sure our customers always say: “We’re glad we came”

Project team who are experienced in operations abroad
Knowledge of destinations and a rich program planning that are based on an experience of 44 years
Marmara Babil ticketing office experienced in group organisation in abroad

All you need for unique organisations in abroad are at Marmara Babil…